• National Workshop "How to Conduct Teachers' Performance Appraisal - Batch 2" from 14-04-2018...        Read More

  • Workshop "Training of Teacher Trainers - Batch 7" from 15-12-2017...        Read More

  • Residential Workshop "Digital Principal Batch 5" from 28-04-2018...        Read More

  • Residential Workshop "Making of a Perfect Principal - Batch 30" from 01-06-2018...        Read More

  • Residntial Workshop "Training of Teacher Trainers - Batch 8" from 15-06-2018...        Read More

  • Workshop "Making of a Perfect Principal - Batch 28" from 25-05-2018...        Read More

  • Workshop "Making of a Perfect Principal - Batch 29" from 18-05-2018...        Read More

  • Workshop "Certified Academic Auditor - Batch 2" from 22-06-2018...        Read More

  • Workshop "Turning School Library into Resource Centre" from 16-05-2018...        Read More

  • Workshop "Turning School Library into Resource Centre" from 17-05-2018...        Read More

  • Workshop "Turning Library Into Resource Centre - Batch 5" from 04-08-2018...        Read More

  • Workshop "Making of a Perfect Principal" from 17-08-2018...        Read More

  • Workshop "Upskilling of Coordinators" from 04-08-2018...        Read More

  • Workshop "Making of a Perfect Principal Batch 33" from 16-11-2018...        Read More

  • Residential Workshop "Making of a Perfect Principal Batch 34" from 14-12-2018...        Read More

  • Residential Workshop "Training of Teacher Trainers - Batch 9" from 28-12-2018...        Read More

  • National Workshop "Strategic Human Resource Management @ School" from 24-11-2018...        Read More

  • Workshop "Turning School Library into Resource Centre - Batch 6" from 27-04-2019...        Read More

  • Workshop "Up-skillling Workshop of Mid-level School Leadership" from 27-04-2019...        Read More

  • Workshop "Making of a Perfect Principal - Batch 35" from 03-05-2019...        Read More

  • Workshop "Making of a Perfect Principal - Batch 36" from 24-05-2019...        Read More

  • Residential Workshop "Making of a Perfect Principal - Batch 37" from 07-06-2019...        Read More

  • Residential Workshop "Training of Teacher Trainers - Batch 10" from 21-06-2019...        Read More

  • Residential Workshop "Certified Academic Auditor - Batch 3" from 28-06-2019...        Read More

  • Workshop "Principal As Pedagogical Leader" from 01-06-2019...        Read More

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"We have been using their training services for last 5 years. The ALERT TEAM is very innovative and enthusiastic. I've personally attended their sessions; really recommendable." - Om Parkash, Managing Director, Rajendra Group of Institutes
"Attending MOPP in Delhi truly was an enriching experience not only the content which was awesome but also for the august conglomeration of principals and academicians. The confluence of ideas and debates on Education were sublime!!! Thanks to AlKS!" - Charles Clarence, Principal, Dr. MPS World School, Agra
"It was wonderful to attend “making a perfect principal \". I have learnt a lot from this workshop and I’m sure that whatever you resource persons have shared that will come handy to me in the years to come to work as a principal in the school.”" - Fr. Remy, Principal, Principal, St. Xavier’s School, Rampuraphul, Punjab
"“It was a great opportunity for the aspiring and struggling academicians who dreams to be a successful principal..... It was sharing experiences of 1000 years..... Hats off to ALERT TEAM.”" - Rajesh Gandral, Vice Principal, Delhi Public School, Jammu
"“Workshops themselves are like breaths and soul for educators and they bring miracles if organized in professional way as was done by Dr. Kamra. It was wonderful experience especially last day expert talks. Thanks Dr. Kamra for your visionary effort"" - Dr. Jagdeep Kaur, Academic Director, Rayat International. School, Mohali, Punjab
"“A lifetime memorable experience, a wonderful company of such learned educators for three days. Feeling blessed to have attended this workshop!”" - Dr. Meenakshi Gupta, Principal, S. D. Public School, New Delhi
"“Experience sharing, cross pollination of ideas and a platform to share Innovations charted by the participants give the alchemy that can power teams to bridge the gaps was just a bit of what I found in the workshop." - Mrs. S. Chadha, Principal, Delhi Public School, Meerut

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Alert harnessing its rich experience in 12 ...   More


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Company overview

ALERT KNOWLEDGE SERVICES (a venture of AKS Worldwide Pvt. Ltd.) is a innovative Training, Consulting  and Education Management Company.

Working from our Offices Gurgaon and Chandigarh (India), we have all the in-house skills needed to help you to create an innovative concept right the way through to taking your Idea into Execution. Equally, our Services can help you to maximize your Profit and reach worldwide. We are not content just to create me-too products that make incremental change; we specialize in helping companies achieve the seemingly impossible....


What sets us apart

We are an exceptional combination of people, processes, facilities and track record. Brought together, this enables innovative product development and insightful technology consulting. The typical customer benefits are a faster time to market, increased return on product development investment, and lower risk for our clients. People you can trust with a passion for Consulting, Training & Technology with innovation and innovative development. Heritage and track record...


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SOP's, Manuals & Handbooks

Welcome to the world of Educational Innovations by ALERT KNOWLEDGE SERVICES. We at ALERT, have devised First Time in India some unique and must to have documents for the schools for smooth sailing, proper functioning and to be at par with schools of developed countries. These are some very important Handbooks SOP’s, and Manuals for proper functioning of the schools including all the required policies, procedures & guidelines to not only successfully run a school but also help meet requirements of affiliating bodies...View More

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Making of a perfect principal

A study conducted during academic session 2013-14 on PAN INDIA basis taking a sample of 100 NON-PERFORMING schools revealed that 76 percent of the schools despite enjoying best infrastructure and financial resources performed average or poorly only due to UNDER-SKILLED SCHOOL LEADER / PRINCIPAL. Keeping in view the core skills of the principal as a head of the school including all his day to day fares, we have designed a unique 3 – Day Residential National Level Workshop to be held in New Delhi to empower him/her as performance oriented professional at par with global standards...View More

School Academic Audit

We at ALERT KNOWLEDGE SERVICES being the only organised consulting company in India involved in the field of school improvement process through its various unique services, have taken up the initiative of introducing a well-planned and well-designed Annual Academic Audit - AAA for the schools in order to help them find out effectiveness of teaching, learning and evaluation process and impact thereof on all the stakeholders. AAA is a school visit of 2 experts for 2 days which includes evaluation of teachinglearning process and assessment system through records of the school and their synchronisation thereto...View More